Sunday, June 26 2022

LOCKERS - Lenox®

• Saving up to 50% off your installation costs. Reducing maintenance costs by 25%. A fully-assembled product that's backed by a 20-year warranty... It's all possible with plastic.
• Unlike metal, Lenox Lockers are a completely corrosion-proof plastic material that won't bend, rust or dent.
• Plastic lockers are also more resistant to scratches and easier to repair. With an absorption rate of nearly zero, odors won't permeate the locker room.
• With plastic, you'll never paint a locker again. You get maintenance-free lockers that still look new after years of use.
• All locker parts and components carry a 20-year warranty against rust, corrosion, denting, bending and delaminating.


• Solid plastic, baked enamel, stainless steel, plastic laminate, or solid phenolic core, we can provide the product required to suit your needs.
• Solid plastic available for your arena or pool application, waterproof and moisture resistant.
• Designed to suit your facility needs; overhead braced, floor mounted, floor to ceiling and ceiling hung.
• With comprehensive warranties to suit your application.


• With proven quality, you’ll find Bradley in restaurants, airports, movie theaters, office buildings, stores, hotels … in all kinds of places.
• The most complete and comprehensive line available… unmatched in the industry.
• Timely shipping, comprehensive technical services and the highest quality products makes the choice clear.


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