Monday, June 27 2022



• For all of your recreational applications; arenas, golf facilities, fitness and weight rooms, convention and restaurant facilities.
• Low cost, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.
• Slip resistant, sound and shock absorbing, and above all durable and resilient.
• With products colored through and through, even extreme wear ensures an attractive finished product.
• Roll or tile products available to meet your facility needs.
• With a wide range of colors and custom color capability, we have a product to suit your needs.



• Raised flooring, utilizing pressure treated lumber and 1/ 4 " to 1/ 2 " rubber, allows better vision for the players.
• Raised coaches walkway allows for the coaches to better see the surface, complimenting their abilities.
• Rubber can be "loose laid" to the flooring, ensuring easy removal and replacement if in the future, the need arises.


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